Entry Seven
I've been spending more time on the computer lately. I'm becoming my old, online friend obsessed self.

Entry Six
Do you guys like making online friends? I used to, but then I stopped. Now I am meeting lots of new people again through the Escargot MSN server and it's great!

Entry Five
A computer savvy person I met online told me that I should purchase a new computer. I'm starting to think that I should too. But I cannot be arsed to go around PC World spending hours trying to find the right one for me when I could be doing other things.

Entry Four
Oops. It seems like I have forgotten about this site. I'm sorry. I have been very busy for these past few weeks.

Entry Three
My second post in one day. Right now in my flat it is very peaceful because my room mate is on holiday. I haven't experienced anything this quiet in a while. This wonderful silence will last for about another month, until she arrives home.

Entry Two
After I finished creating this website yesterday I had completely forgotten about it until I was on the bus today. I checked Neocities today and some people have followed me! That's great. This site is slowly gaining an audience. Two people have also written in my guestbook already!

Entry One
This is the blog. I don't know if I'll be using this often. None of the posts will be time stamped, so that nobody will notice if I don't update in a while, unless they look at my Neocities profile. For this section of the site I was going to go and use a separate blogging service, but then I wouldn't have been able to keep this sweet simple design.